Valérie Donzelli’s La guerre est déclarée or cinema as therapy.

La guerre est déclarée poster

During the course of “Creating a video game project and design document”, our teacher, Carlos Llorente, told us about an adult-themed videogame with a very interesting concept, as an example of the moment in which video games are as narrative art, which tells the story of a 4 years old child suffering from cancer, and how his family confronts this challenge.

That game is “That Dragon Cancer“, and in turn, for having a similar theme, he told us about this movie, “La guerre est déclarée.

After seeing it and discover that its protagonist is in addition, the screenwriter, director and even makeup artist of the film, i have only compliments for her, another one of the “one man orchestra” that I admire so much in the world of the cinema, as they can be John Carpenter, Shane Carruth or Louis C.K.

But the most special thing about the film is its story, which is based on the real life of the protagonist couple. We begin with the tone of a crazy love story between young people until the drama unfolds in the family. And it seemed to me one of the best carried dramas in recent years, not having big stars in the cast nor big commercial apirations, they can afford to include real emotions, without approaching the manipulating melodrama that could be expected.

It is filmed with great freshness, and invites us on a journey plagued by good times and bad times, as life itself. And what to say of the couple protagonist, having lived themselves the story, they deliver a memorable performance.

A great example of how it should be done a dramatic story in the film industry without interference from agents who do not seek the best for the film.

As a curiosity, was selected by France to represent them in 2011 in the pursuit of oscar, but did not reach the final round, although that year came out as winner “A separation”, another huge dramatic film in which there is much to learn, both in the world of cinema and of the human being. What a harvest.

I leave you with the trailer :

And a link to buy it.

Also available in: French, Spanish

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