My journey

I was born and raised in Zaragoza. Since always, I felt a great curiosity for knowledge, for the unique things of this world, for its wildlife and discover secret places of the planet. But above all, for the movies, either when I was going to the cinema with my family, when I discovered it on television or when I went with my parents to the neighborhood video club. Thanks to the seventh art i could live a thousand adventures in exotic locations or that i will never know in the real world, removing the barriers of my imagination, which then i exercised when i was playing with my toys. You can check my taste in films on : Filmaffinity, IMDB or Letterboxd, besides the television I like.

Also thanks to some film were formed the 2 pillars of my thinking “Never say never” and “Never take anything for granted.”

baturr_aafThanks to the travels that i took every summer with my father, I have known a good part of the planet which opened my eyes to the variety of world cultures. As a child, I saw me being an archaeologist, speleologist or a veterinarian when I grow older, but at the end of high school I realized that thanks to my passion for film, all I wanted was to tell stories in a film format. First I took a detour through the world of sound, taking a variety of courses, later I became an Advanced Expert In The Audiovisual, Radio And Shows Production thanks to my vocational training, with a broad educational background in tasks like the screenwriting, editing, post-production or transmedia expansion, letting me handle tasks throughout all the audiovisual process, from the initial idea and writing, through  the recording and editing until final delivery.

I am passionate about film and music (Whether at home or live), but also literature and video games, as well as traveling or to grow while discovering new cuisines. Thanks to the scene where they sing  “Day O (The Banana Boat Song)” from Harry Belafonte in “Beetlejuice” was born inside me an unconditional love for Jamaican music. And years later I discovered the musical representation of how my brain works in the breakcore.

I can not locate in such a precise way the decision that i needed to make movies, but it was certainly among “Labyrinth”, “The fifth element”, “Dumb & Dumber”, “Once upon a time in the west”, “Léon The Professional” or “Yojimbo”. As for the pages, i’m stuck among Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Franz Kafka and Haruki Murakami.

After living a few chapters of my adventure in Barcelona, starting my studies in the world of sound and Zagreb, doing my Erasmus in a film production company focused on social projects, and having evolved into a video-audio 360º & html editor, preparing for new technologies that seems they will dominate the entertainment in the near future, the next has been to start my european voluntary service in Cognac, in another association that fights for equality and social inclusion, which also allows me to learn a third language, which will allow me to open up to the francophone labor marketFor the next, i hope one of them to take me to the creation of the most savage horror film of the XXI century, the great youth fantasy series that retrieves the spirit of the decade of the 80s, or the creation of a great collaborative transmedia universe. Meanwhile, I am finishing writing what will be my first two comedies, “Calorina” (Here is hot as hell) and “Conjunctivitis” (Pinkeye).

I leave you with a video-presentation to know me better, my tastes and my skills :


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