A list of my projects and in which i have participated

Noche de reyes (Night of the magi), by Javier Gimeno – 2017

Noche de Reyes-poster

Sound recording & Design.

Project from the Crowrecord group.

Niebla (Mist), by Javier Gimeno and Ahmed Bajouich – 2017

Sound  design.

Project from the Crowrecord group.

International Volunteering, the challenge of North-South cooperation – 2016/7

Preproduction of project, capture of video and sound, edition and post-production.

Documentary for Adif TV within my European Volunteering Service

Framing, by Javier Gimeno – 2016


Sound recording & design.

Project from the Crowrecord group, realized thanks to the invaluable help of the Zaragoza’s Association of Friends of Railways and Streetcars and the CPA Salduie Foundation.

Empeñado (Pawned), by Jorge Montolío – 2011

Empeñado de Jorge Montolio

Sound recording & design.

Project developed for the Notodofilmfest competition, both in its main category and in the Jameson Triple Distillation Prize” class, where the maximum duration of the films is 30 seconds.

Also available in: French, Spanish