A selection of companies, clients and projects in which i’ve been working

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A list of my education

April 2018 – French Level A2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Francés Nivel A2

February 2018 – Specialization course in digital color correction (Carlos Navarro)

Specialization course in digital color correction

December 2017 – Analog / Digital Dj (RdeRumba)

Analog / Digital Dj

May 2016 – Practical Youtube Workshop, Positioning and VideoMarketing For Companies (david pascual)

Taller practico Youtube Posicionamiento Marketing Video Para Empresas

March 2016 – Creation of a video game project and design document (carlos llorente)

Creation of a video game project and design document

February 2016 After Effects Intermediate Level (carlos gacías)

After Effects Intermediate Level

December 2015 – film, TV and internet projects development Workshop (Luis Ramírez)

Taller de desarrollo de proyectos para cine, TV e internet


Desarrollo de productos audiovisuales multimedia interactivos

Certificado de profesionalidad Desarrollo de productos audiovisuales multimedia interactivos

pdf Europass Supplement

December 2013 – Production design of transmedia narratives (Javier Hernández + Agustín Serra)

Production design of transmedia narratives

November 2013 comedy Screenwriting Workshop (Miguel Ángel Aijón)

comedy Screenwriting Workshop

September 2013ESOL B2 English Certificate – University of Cambridge

B2 Cambridge Adrián Almorín

junE 2013 – Advanced Expert In The Audiovisual, Radio And Shows Production

Título Técnico Superior en Realización de Audiovisuales y Espectáculos

pdfEuropass supplement

La Zolleta – 2012
Original idea, bible design, treatment of the pilot episode and sound recording/design.

Sneakers Spot – 2013
Idea development. Camera operator.

Informative videos in schools for the project Comenius Multilateral Network

Aragon's Government Collaboration Certificate

“Network for the quality in early childhood education from 0-6 years”, requested by Aragón’s Government – 2013

Camera operator, Editor and Sound recording.

La Purísima School – Zaragoza – Specialized in children with hearing impairment

Ramón y Cajal School – Cuarte – Specialized in children with ASD disorder

March 2011 – Edition with Pro Tools for Video Games Pro Tools 130 CertificaTE (Barry sage)

Edición con Pro Tools para Videojuegos

December 2010 – Pro Tools 8 for Audiovisual Postproduction (Barry sage)

Pro Tools 8 para Post-Producción Audiovisual

May 2010 – Pro Tools 110 Certificate (Barry sage + Gonzalo las heras)

Pro Tools 110

Pro Tools 110

March 2010 – Live Show Recording (José M. Rosillo)

Grabación de directos

May 2009 – Pop-Rock Mixes (Barry sage + Gonzalo las heras)

Mezclas de música Pop-Rock

Mix made during the course, Ben Sidran at the Café Central, Madrid

Ben Sidran

March 2009 – Sound For TV (Juan Miguel Sánchez)

Sonido para TV

February 2008 – Location Sound for Film and Television (Antonio Rodríguez “Marmol”)

Captación de Sonido directo para Cine y Televisión

December 2007 – screenplays for Film and television (Rosa Rodríguez)

Guiones de cine y televisión

2005 – 2008 / Sound technician career @ Microfusa School (Barcelona – Madrid)


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