1 week for the premiere of “Millenial”


There is only 1 week left for the premiere of the last short film that I recorded with the crew of Crowrecord, my faithful classmates with which little by little we are taking out projects.

It’s been the best time I’ve had, thanks to the great chemistry between the couple protagonist, and the improvement of the material with which we have been able to record and I think it has been very well reflected on the screen.

Again, Adrián here with the boompole&recorder, and then with the sound postproduction.

The people that’ll be around Zaragoza on the 24th anniversary of the great feat of our football team, you can see it for the first time, and on the big screen, at the Centro de Historias.

And when it can be released to the public on the networks, I have reserved a couple of surprises, but for the moment I leave you with the making of so you can see how we were that Saturday in October working in this great location.

I hope you like it, and those who can’t see it, there will be more opportunities in Zaragoza and surroundings in the coming times, do not worry.

And for my international friends, so when the short is released on YouTube you will already have subtitles in English and French (For the rest, we will need your help hahaha)

Let me know what you think.